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For more information about our stage availability, contact us directly.
We sure do. For more information about our daily rates, contact us directly.
Our largest stage is stage 9. Please visit our facilities page here to learn more.
Yes, we have 24/7 security.
Yes, we provide cleaning for all offices and wardrobe spaces. Stages and shops require cleaning by productions.
Yes, Samsung Office Serv IDCS model handsets are provided.
Yes, offices are furnished with desks, filing cabinets, desks and chairs.
Yes, shared 1G service provided by Beanfield.
You can view our stage drawings here.
As Canadians, we’re really, really, really sorry for our answer – no (sorry).
Sure, we could take you on a studio tour, but then we’d have to kill you – just kidding. We don’t offer studio tours to the public to protect the anonymity of our clients.
Overnight parking is not allowed on the property, but can be discussed on a basis-by-basis with the Management Office.
You’re better off renting from a company that specializes in props. Unfortunately, we aren’t that company.
We have tons of sets, none of which are standing. Sorry - bad joke.
We love to throw parties and host events, but not here. Sorry.
We’d love to say yes, but unfortunately, the answer’s no.

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